Ajimobi’s daughters attended schools in U.K. The guy was wealthy before he became a governor. If his child was at home for 8 months, he would not ask the questions he asked. He would know.

My first time meeting Adams Oshiomole was in 2003. He brought his daughter to the US embassy in Lagos for a student visa. You know those days you line up or purchase space on the line. At that time he was NLC president. There is money in unionism.
The Chief of Staff to the President had an episode and was flown to UK. Who covered that cost is still a debate.

I saw the pictures of Rochas daughter or was it sons graduation in the UK.
Mr Saraki is of dual nationality. If you are on the same flight with him to the UK, you might observe that he does not use his diplomatic passports. He is British like many Nigerians are.

Orji Kalu in a conversation will remind you of his American citizenship. He has a place in Maryland, not far from Atiku’s place. An upscale neighbourhood.
German hospitals have a large number of northern leaders records in their hospitals. From tooth filings to cardio issues.
PMB travelled abroad for an ear infection. State House clinic has better equipment than UCH and National hospital.

How do you expect this lot to understand why dialysis should be free for all citizens? How do you expect that they will support cardio centres in states?
But do not blame them. Akeredolu paid money to voters to be elected. What does he still owe them? In Ekiti Fayose has those that are still deceived by his kponmo eating dramas.
We got what we deserve. They pay us to vote. They buy our conscience. Why should they care? When we do not?


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