Gambia’s soon-to-be rebel leader Yahya Jammeh held up in capita

Gambia’s soon-to-be rebel leader Yahya Jammeh held up in capital


President Yahya Jammeh is still in the Gambia’s island capital, Banjul as the deadline for him to peacefully cede power in the West African country nears its last hours.

Jammeh, who has been stalled and held up in the presidential palace since his election defeat has declared a state of emergency as part of his many maneuvers to remain in power.

Jammeh has rejected asylum offers by at least two countries – Nigeria and Morocco – if he agrees to step down.

Although President Yahya Jammeh’s second presidential jet had been reported to be on the tarmac at the Banjul International Airport, the longstanding leader has not left the Gambia.

Jammeh has blocked progress for a peaceful transition leaving it to the use of military force to uphold the outcome of the polls.

President Yahya Jammeh has criticized ‘foreign interference’ with the election and transition process. Given Jammeh’s action to delay and eventually prevent Barrow’s inauguration, ECOWAS may send a regional force to bend him to leave.

The transition in on hold but Barrow is definite he would be sworn-in. Thousands of Gambians have fled the country but remain optimistic that there will be a peaceful end to the political crisis.

Throughout President Jammeh’s rule, the UN and rights groups have documented and detailed accounts of human rights violations including torture and extrajudicial executions.


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