The Nigerian Dream Volume 2

INTRODUCTION-THE infidels of one age have often been the aureole saints of the next. The destroyers of the old are the creators of the new. As time sweeps on the old passes away and the new in its turn becomes old. There is in the intellectual world, as in the physical, decay and growth, and ever by the grave of buried age stand youth and joy. The history of intellectual progress is written in the lives of infidels.-copied from the works of Robert Ingersoll vol 3.
We are infidels willing to sacrifice all willing to be mocked for our beliefs, willing to pay the price, willing to fight for our lands,willing to impose a new world order of justice and equality for all. We are the father of the fatherless, mother of the motherless, we are defenders of the good family, we are the speakers of the upright man ,we are the preachers of hope ,we are the fighters against injustice, we are freemen fighting to free the enslaved, .we are the protectors of the DREAM
What is salvation? Salvation in this context means to be saved from suffering, evil and anything against the survival of the present African race. For ages my people have suffered, lost their identities and in fact lost their heritage and everything they could lose that was of value to them and their generations unborn. A long walk down the memory lanes will show us the mistakes and stupidity of our forefathers, Kings, and even emperors.
The day uthman dan fodio and his merciless jihadist stepped foot on Nigeria and the first preachers of Christianity stepped on NIGERIA that was the day our fathers lost everything they owned and even their common senses were lost in the process.
I wrote on religion because religion as everything to do with the state of Africa and Nigeria in particular and to this point I arrive at a conclusion no religion of the western world or middle eastern world is the true salvation of the Nigerian people.
The British came first as preachers, then as businessmen and finally as warriors, who conquered and even destroyed and maimed the people of Africa, the greatest of all evil in modern times took place in the Atlantic ocean millions of Africans were sold by their brothers and sisters to the western world for useless things that could have been manufactured in Africa like umbrellas,mirrors,how stupid and gullible were our forefathers in Africa.
Our forefathers had no functioning brains when they sighted the white man, its stopped working instantly after the sighting, so they were easily convinced to sell their bests to the western world we sold our fantastical engineers,our ever intelligent medical doctors ;name it every sensible and sane person who stood against evil was sold to the western world save his or her children.
Because our forefathers where were ignorant of knowledge, they had utter disdain for knowledge, they despised it they never cared about learning they only cared about giving in large quantities and receiving in miserable quantities we saw this white men we thought we saw gods and this white men are still the god of some people till today but they are not my god.
If you don’t know; our African brothers who were sold as slaves to the western world owe Africans nothing instead Africans owe them everything. People like me who were born in Africa, lived and still living in Africa its our duty to ensure Africa survive this perilous times and become the sun of the human race just like without the sun life on earth is meaningless and impossible ,without Africa they would be no France ,no great Britain, no Germany and so on.

All these countries I listed where on the brink of extinction before they discovered Africa and played on the foolishness of our forefathers when they learnt our fathers cared little for knowledge that was their breakthrough point of invading Africa.
Once we start our quest for knowledge it is then we will know that nothing was hidden from us instead we hid from the truth for centuries, I know a lot about Africa because I have seen the importance of information. For us in Africa to be saved we need knowledge or vital information that is relevant to our survival as a people.
I am in no way against the Christian and the moslem religion, I am only against bringing of religion into politics, education and science. Religion should be kept at home because it is personal and does not change with time unlike politics, education and science. EVERY atheist should be free to profess his or her lack of beliefs in god and other deities likewise the Christian ,moslems and traditionalist profess their beliefs in their gods.

It is time for us to know that an urhobo/isoko man like me is not more important than a FULANI woman from SOKOTO because of language or culture we should love each other as long as we are are humans and behave sane lets respect each other’s custom and traditions and help each other whenever we need each other’s help .EVERY ETHNIC group should be respected in Nigeria and treated equally whenever there are appointments by government or the president every ethnic group should be recognized and given her own share of the appointment, any ethnic group that feels cheated should be free to protest and criticize whoever is in power ,EVERY ETHNIC group should be listened to ,EVERY ETHNIC group should be free to make her own decisions, EVERY ETHNIC group should preach against violence against other ethnic groups and lastly let’s be our brothers keeper.

We should know that every female is equal with every male and not superior irrespective of age,tribe and profession the females should force the government to ensure the gender equality bill is passed into law ,they should no that they are not just sex objects or baby factories ,they should be educated properly because the females are more close to the children and children tend to act ,behave and speak like those who are close to them,how many men will like their children to be illiterates and dull in their thinking. EDUCATING THE WOMEN is a serious task that must be pursued vigorously by all .
As I close I will be living with a quote from Robert ingersol-
In my judgment, the woman is the equal of the man. She has all the rights I have and one more, and that is the right to be protected. That is my doctrine. You are married; try and make the woman you love happy. Whoever marries simply for himself will make a mistake; but whoever loves a woman so well that he says “I will make her happy,” makes no mistake. And so with the woman who says, “I will make him happy.” There is only one way to be happy, and that is to make somebody else so, and you cannot be happy by going cross lots; you have got to go the regular turnpike road.

Let it be known that the words ‘NIGERIAN DREAM’ was coined FIRST by EBIEROMA EFE STEPHEN


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